Publishing with Wai Ako Books

Wai Ako Books is a whānau owned publishing house. We are part of Wai Ako, a successful online education programme bringing te Reo Māori and Aotearoa NZ’s histories to over twenty thousand tamariki throughout Aotearoa since 2017.  We also want to give authors throughout Aotearoa an alternative to traditional publishing and self publishing. We bring industry knowledge to offer the full suite of services of the large publishing houses, transparently priced, and you create the package that is right for your book.  We see this part of Wai Ako as being author-led. Our approach leverages technology to make publishing accessible to more authors. You can choose to print physical copies with our print broking support, or you can forgo this cost and publish as an e-book or on demand printing (for example through Kindle Direct Publishing).  E-books and on demand printing are an excellent option to get your book to readers, without investing in inventory, and both give authors a much higher percentage of profit than traditional publishing.  We can even create your own website or social media content for you to promote your e-book and retain all profits, as an alternative to selling through Kindle/Amazon for example. If your book is a good fit for the Wai Ako imprint we may discuss the option to publish under Wai Ako.  This may be with the addition of specialist editorial services.  This means your book can bear our logo and we can feature you on the Wai Ako websites.